We promote good physical, mental and psychological health, and wellbeing, with the overall aim to support staff to live healthier lives at work and home.

Staff can access a workplace, health and wellbeing support App which includes the following resources:

Health Check: Annual service test that looks at 20 different health markers to spot problems early, includes a personalised health report with a follow-up digital GP consultation.

Digital GP: Staff can receive the guidance you need from an NHS-registered private GP through the app and usually receive an appointment within 24 hours.

Nutritional Consultations: Staff have access to 30-minute consultations with a trained nutritionist. It offers advice and guidance on optimal eating plans.

Wellbeing Library: Access to helpful support on all kinds of situations, from family and relationships, money, or work, mental or physical health conditions.

Mental Health Consultations: To help with many types of issues, from workplace stress to money worries, big life changes and more. Includes bereavement support for the unfortunate times when you need it.

There may be limits to the number of times you can use these services, please refer to your employer to check your full allowances and TDR review the services annually.

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