Engineering Apprenticeship Access Programme

by Katherine Hindhaugh and Danielle Ditchburn

Begin your engineering career with the TDR Access programme

Our Engineering Apprenticeship Access Programme (EAAP) has welcomed its 2021 cohort. The learners commenced their 32-week engineering learning journey at the beginning of September.

Our EAAP programme is an unpaid programme for 16–18-year-olds, and by the end of this programme individuals will have gained a EAL Level 2 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering. The majority of students then go on to gain a Level 3 Employed Apprenticeship upon completion of the course.

The 12 current EAAP students (pictured below) are based at TDR Quorum Business Park, Benton and attend full time learning Monday to Thursday and half day learning on a Friday. Subjects taught on this course include: Turning, Milling, Welding, Electrical, Hand and Bench Fitting & Mechanical Maintenance. They are due to finish their first six-week rotation where they have been learning electrical engineering and at the start of November will be moving on to their Hand and Bench fitting rotation.

Ellie pictured below, second from the left, was asked how she felt being on the course as the only female. She said:

“I was nervous when I arrived, but I now feel like they’re all my brothers, I always feel included. I would recommend any girls who are thinking about EAAP but are nervous about the boy to girl ratio to just to go for it, I’m so glad I did!”


Their course tutor Steve Jackson is delighted with the progress of the EAAP students. He said:

“I am so happy with the group. They have picked up a lot of new skills whilst working on the electrical section and it’s very pleasing to see how they have grown in confidence from the shy new starters to the confident trainees they are today. To see what they have achieved in practical terms is amazing, to see how their confidence has enabled them to complete more and more complex circuits. The quality and accuracy of all of their work have improved immensely as they have progressed through the electrical section.”


The EAAP course aims to provide a grown-up and supportive environment that gives school leavers the confidence to grow and gain skills applicable to their future Engineering careers. Furthermore, the overall aim is to get every individual a paid apprenticeship on completion of the course. After only four weeks on the EAAP programme Robbie Farrier has secured a paid apprenticeship and Roan Thompson has found some extra work experience.


TDR Access Programme Update


Robbie Farrier pictured above said:

“The TDR EAAP Programme has given me the opportunity to learn real life skills in Engineering which are essential for a workplace. So far, I have completed my electrical unit. To think when I left school, I felt a bit lost and now after four weeks of being on the course I have secured a paid apprenticeship with TT Electronics.”


When speaking to Roan he said:

“I start my work experience on Monday and I really think Steve has given me so much confidence. He has always praised me for the work I have done to the point where I now feel confident to go into a workplace after just four weeks. I have made great friends through the course too and we have become like one big family. I would recommend the EAAP to anyone who has an interest in Engineering.”


To express an interest in the TDR Training EAAP 2022 course starting in September please contact us on