During this course you will learn the basic understanding of electrical safety and associated principles, hand tools, practical exercises and testing procedures.

Training will include a combination of theoretical and practical exercises over the course.


Training & Content

Duration:  3 days

Health & Safety legislation

Electrical theory, insulators and conductors

  • Ohms’ law
  • Conductors & Insulators

Basic electrical components used in electrical engineering

  • Isolators
  • Common panel enclosures
  • Circuit protective devices
  • Relays & contactors

Interpretation of electrical diagrams and symbols

  • Diagram types, common diagram symbols
  • Insulation resistance testers

Practical electrical wiring

  • Use visual inspection to identify incorrect wiring
  • Use test equipment to verify continuity

Electric motors: 3-phase AC induction motors and their construction

  • Identify the main components of a 3-phase induction motor
  • Terminal connections – Star & Delta
  • Inspection & testing
  • Live or dead working
  • Fault finding techniques

Course evaluation



TDR Certificate of competence will be awarded upon completion of the training course.


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