AutoCAD Overview

AutoCAD is vital for anyone involved in the design and drafting based industries, including manufacturing, engineering, graphic design, architecture and many more. Whether you want to improve your current skill set or are looking to start your career, this is your ultimate introductory guide.

This course provides a comprehensive guide to AutoCAD, one of the world’s best design and drafting tools, by analysing the special features and capabilities and outlining the specific uses in multiple industries.


Training & Content

Duration:  3 days

  • AutoCAD Interface
  • Basic AutoCAD commands
  • Creating blocks
  • Setting your company CAD template

Customising your display interface

  • Setting tool preferences, toolbars and Osnaps
  • Creating layers and line types
  • Filtering using layers
  • Setting dimension style

Basic AutoCAD commands

  • Lines and shapes
  • Basic tools
  • Offsetting, mirror, scale and rotate
  • Dimensioning, scaling and match properties

Setting your own company CAD template

  • Creating your title block
  • Model, space, and paper space
  • Viewports and scales
  • Plotting, plotting to PDF, DXF and other formats
  • Printing at A3 and A4


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