Navigating apprenticeships for parents

by Katherine Hindhaugh

Navigating apprenticeships can be a rewarding and transformative experience for both parents and their children

By understanding the apprenticeship process, providing support and encouragement, and staying actively involved, parents can help their child succeed in their chosen career path. Embrace the journey together and watch as your child flourishes and grows into a skilled professional ready to make their mark on the world.


Understanding Apprenticeships

Before diving into the support role, it’s crucial for parents to grasp what apprenticeships entail. Apprenticeships combine on-the-job training with classroom instruction, allowing individuals to earn while they learn in a specific trade or profession. These programs typically last a couple of years.


Encourage Exploration

We advise you encourage your child to explore various apprenticeship opportunities and industries to find the right fit. Attend school and career fairs, research online platforms, and engage with local trade organizations to gather information. Understanding their interests and aptitudes will help them make informed decisions about their future career path.


Research Apprenticeship Programs

Once you find your child has specific interests in an apprenticeship, research the available apprenticeship programme together. Look into reputable organizations, trade unions, and companies offering apprenticeships in their chosen field. Consider factors such as program duration, curriculum, salary, and job prospects post-completion. You can find more information on different apprenticeship courses on the institute of apprenticeships.


Support the application process

Assist your child in preparing for the application process and be aware of the steps. For example, for our application process they must fill out an application form with all their details they then attend and initial assessment in Maths and English. The final stage is an interview with one of our training officers. This then creates a portfolio that we send to potential employers. We advise you help them practice for interviews and assessment tests to increase their chances of success. 


Emphasize Responsibility and Commitment

Apprenticeships require a high level of responsibility and commitment from participants. Encourage your child to take ownership of their journey and demonstrate their dedication. It is important they are punctual, professional and have a strong work ethic for apprenticeships.



Navigating apprenticeships can be reward and transformative experience for both parents and their children. There is an apprenticeship opportunity for every person.

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