How can I tell if it’s a ‘good’ apprenticeship?

by Katherine Hindhaugh

Finding the right apprenticeship is important to help ensure that your child has an enjoyable apprenticeship experience. We’ve collated some tips to help you spot the best apprenticeships:

1.   What are they paying?

A high salary doesn’t automatically equate to a good apprenticeship, but a fair wage is an encouraging indicator that an employer is willing to invest in their staff. A low starting salary may increase with pay rises or it may be supplemented with other company perks. Try to see if the employer provides benefits such as product discounts or travel discounts and canteen subsidies.

2.   What are the likely progression opportunities?

Try to find out what the progression opportunities are like within the company on completion of the apprenticeship. Does the employer talk about progression and climbing the career ladder during open days or as part of the recruitment process? Do they have any case studies on their website of staff who have taken on more senior roles?

3.   Is it a permanent or fixed term position?

Employers are allowed to offer either permanent or fixed term contracts to apprentices. If it is a fixed term position, it must cover the duration of the apprenticeship as a minimum. If it is a fixed term position, look for indicators that the employer is willing to support staff to move into permanent positions on completion.

4.   Which training provider are they using?

You will be able to look up the Ofsted rating for the provider and also have a look at their website to see which other companies they work with. You will be able to get a feel for how they look after their apprentices and celebrate their achievements through news and award ceremonies. Also, look out for the social and wellbeing opportunities that they provide their apprentices with such as clubs, societies, fundraising activities and volunteering.

5.   Is the role varied?

Read the job description and job advert to see if the employer is offering the opportunity to be involved in different parts of the business apprenticeships or with different projects as this will help to make the role varied and exciting for your child. Lots of firms offer rotational programmes where the apprentice can spend time in different departments to find the place that they thrive in.

How do I find out more?

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