Our New Cohort Apprentices: 5 Week Rotation

by Katherine Hindhaugh

In September we commenced our first 5-week rotation for our new cohort of apprentices

The 6 rotations consisted of: Milling, Turning, Hand-fitting, Electrical, Welding and Mechanical. To celebrate the new skills and dedication of the next cohort of learners our tutors were asked to each select a standout learner who would be awarded “Apprentice of the Rotation”.


Hand Fitting

In the Hand Fitting section, Jake Beston from British Engines received the award. His tutor said ‘From the very start of this rotation Jake’s work has been to a high standard. His work ethic and aptitude are excellent, so it’s no surprise that his jobs match this. Not only has Jake produced great work, his attitude and personality have also been first rate. British Engines have a really good prospect on their hands. Well done, Jake!’



Matthew Haley from British Engines was awarded “Apprentice of the Rotation” in Milling. When his tutor was asked how Matthew had got on, he said: ‘Matthew has been very eager to learn not only during practical training but also constantly wants to expand his knowledge by asking questions. Not only this but has pushed on to make some good extension tasks within the machine shop.’



Cameron Smith from Siemens was awarded “Apprentice of the Rotation” in the Electrical section. His tutor noted: ‘Cameron has done really well on the electrical section. He has improved greatly as he has progressed through the training. The quality and accuracy of his work has improved as he has progressed leading to excellent assessment evidence.  Cameron has gone on to do additional electrical circuits to enhance his knowledge.’



Rebecca May from Northumbrian Water impressed her welding instructor. He said : ‘Rebecca has proven to be an outstanding student during her welding rotation. Her excellent attitude towards training, her ability to follow instructions, and her continuous drive for improvement are commendable. She has consistently delivered all observations, training tasks, and UPK tasks to very high standards of quality and accuracy. Additionally, she completed the MAG welding unit well ahead of schedule, showcasing her dedication and efficiency.’



Josh Abbott got awarded “Apprentice of the Rotation” for the mechanical section. His tutor said ‘after great deliberation and thought I have nominated Josh Abott. Josh is a very good student who has applied himself very well in the Mechanical section. He has shown the most improvement and produced some excellent work to achieve this award.’



In the Turning rotation Liam Angel from Fife Engineering won the award for his excellent performance. His tutor said: ‘Liam has taken to turning quickly. Liam likes to work solo and has produced some good work both practical and theoretical. He keeps his head down and gets on with it demonstrating a great work ethic. I expect Liam to do well throughout his apprenticeship and to become a good machinist.’


The celebration of these six outstanding apprentices marks a milestone in TDR Training’s legacy of fostering excellence and innovation. As they move on from these first set of rotations, each apprentice carries forth a wealth of knowledge and transferable skills that they will develop during their career. Well done everyone!