Get Trained and Paid while completing an Electrical Technician apprenticeship

by Katherine Hindhaugh

Getting the right training and development is the foundation of professional progression and job satisfaction. Here at TDR, we motivate people getting started in their chosen careers to develop their knowledge and hone their skills. Our priority is to guide, support and equip apprentices with the expertise that will allow them to realise their potential and strive to be the very best that they can be.

Those who undertake an apprenticeship are not only earning a salary and achieving qualifications; they are also developing work place competency, fine-tuning their professionalism and workplace behaviours. Our apprenticeships holistically develop personnel from the outset and throughout.

At TDR Training, we deliver apprenticeships at level 2 through to level 6 across the Science apprenticeships, Engineering, Manufacturing, Business Administration and Customer Service sectors. All of our apprenticeships are coordinated by assessors who are experts in their field and delivery includes knowledge and practical skills as well as workplace assessment.

The field of engineering encompasses a huge variety of job roles that demand a specific skillset; apprentices need to have an eye for detail and be logical in their approach. Some of the engineering roles include mechanical engineer, design engineer, maintenance engineer, electrical engineer, instrumentation technician welder or fabricator.

Maintenance of devices and equipment is an essential role in the industry and a widely popular pathway that is incorporated into the Electrical Technician Apprenticeship. This apprenticeship is in high demand and there are always vacancies for

Upon completion of the Electrical Technician apprenticeship with us, apprentices are equipped to perform installation, commissioning, inspection, testing and maintenance and repair of a large number of electronic devices and electrical equipment.

The course duration is between 42-48 months.

Some of the tasks that can be performed by an electrician technician are as follows:

  • Carry out maintenance activities in line with Standard Operating Procedures, SOP’s.
  • Use engineering tools, appliances and equipment to manufacture items and components to specification or to repair, modify or replace the systems that turn faulty or obsolete.
  • Prepare, update and decipher technical drawings and diagrams to take appropriate action.
  • Takes part in risk assessment to declare a working system safe and restores the work areas to a safe condition in accordance with agreed requirements and schedules.
  • Prepares a detailed report of all the work performed, be it repair, maintenance, installation, inspection or testing.

Some of the main career options for an Electrical technician are Electrical Engineer, Electrical/ Maintenance Supervisor, Lead Electrical Technician, or Maintenance Manager.

The plethora of job opportunities following completion of the Electrical Technician apprenticeship and the skill set gained makes this apprenticeship highly recommended training for technicians looking for a long term career and exciting, as well as stimulating day to day work.

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