Exceptional Apprenticeships through TDR

by Katherine Hindhaugh

TDR Training is a proud STEM apprenticeship provider, with over a decade of experience and an outstanding reputation. When choosing an apprenticeship with us, you are choosing quality education, relevant to the job role, first-class training facilities to support learning and a well-rounded work placement that will kick start a career to last a lifetime.

An apprenticeship through TDR starts with our Business Support Services (BSS) team. They work directly with employers across the region, helping them to design, plan and implement training packages which are customised to each business and their chosen apprentice. Planning is crucial to a successful apprenticeship. TDR’s BSS team help employers to understand what it is that they need their apprentices to be able to do, including the knowledge, skills and behaviour (KSB) they will need to develop through their apprenticeship. Beginning with the end in mind, the BSS team then develop bespoke plans for each learner and the KSB they will need. This structure gives the learner the best possible chance of reaching their full potential.

The BSS team then carefully select an assessor, who then manage the learners’ journey. Our assessors are industry experts in their field and they are there to support the apprentice from the start of their journey in the workplace, right to the very endpoint. Our fully qualified educators deliver on all technical qualifications included within apprenticeship training packages. Where sector skills are taught, you can bet that those instructors have got years of experience in that role; their projects are built around real-life examples and when we say skills specifically, we mean apprentices get to be ‘hands-on’. We believe that this makes an apprenticeship delivered by TDR Training the best training opportunity around.

We work with organisations widely across the STEM sector and one such apprenticeship within this sector is a Maintenance Technician role that specialises in Instrumentation and Control. The Instrument Technician  Apprenticeship discipline trains apprentices to work with instruments that monitor and regulate temperature, pressure, level and flow. These technicians play a crucial role in the safety and control systems within the process industries and are required to have an eye for detail, are methodical and logical in their approach to work.

Some of the tasks that are carried out by technicians who undertake the Instrumentation and Control Technician Apprenticeship discipline are as follows:

  • Assemble components of instrument and control systems and ensure all instruments are calibrated.
  • Adjust instrument and control system parameters to meet operating requirements.
  • Assess the performance and condition of instrument and control systems and perform asset condition monitoring.
  • Carry out maintenance on instrumentation and control equipment and determine the feasibility of the repair of components.

The course duration for this apprenticeship is between 42-48 months.

Using TDR Training for your Instrumentation and Control Technician Apprenticeship is a great stepping stone in your professional development. Progression from this pathway could lead to a career as an Instrumentation & Control Engineer, Lead Instrumentation Technician, Maintenance Manager or Instrument/Maintenance Supervisor.

Apprenticeship training through TDR paves the way for your professional excellence.