Apprenticeships – Today’s way to prepare for tomorrow

by Brett Sharkey

An insight into Apprenticeships from Brett Sharkey, an Apprenticeship Coordinator at TDR Training


After a challenging and trying 2020, it is more important than ever to remember the benefits Apprenticeships can bring to both employers and apprentices.

An Apprenticeship offers a person, of any age, whether a new or existing employee, the opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge, allowing organisations to become more dynamic and able to respond to the ever-changing external environments they operate in. Apprenticeships are now tailored to the needs of each employer, meaning that ‘bespoke’ training programmes are now the industry standard and Apprenticeships represent excellent value for money for your Levy or training budget.

Aside from the cash incentives now offered by the Government for recruiting an apprentice, the real benefit of Apprenticeships, is that they allow an organisation to grow talent, and to develop a motivated, skilled and loyal workforce during these demanding times. Having once been an apprentice myself, I understand first-hand how an Apprenticeship promotes personal growth, career development and improves professional skills.


Instrument and Control Technicians


At TDR Training, we are proud to be able to offer dynamic, stimulating and high-quality Apprenticeships in Science, Process Industries, Engineering, Manufacturing and Business Administration. Due to being self-sufficient in terms of practical and technical training elements TDR are able to offer flexible delivery solutions, that combine face to face and remote learning options, ensuring learners continue to progress, even during lockdown situations.

With National Apprenticeship Week taking place between the 8th and the 12th of February 2021, now is a great time to look at your training and staffing needs. Celebrate today by recruiting an apprentice with TDR Training.


Laboratory Technician


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