Millers UK Success Story with Liam Johnson

by Katherine Hindhaugh

What apprenticeship did you do with TDR and how did you find it?

I completed the Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship with TDR. The course was comprehensive and covered various aspects of business administration, with a particular focus on practices relevant to my specific role such as data protection regulations and Management Information Systems. This approach made the learning experience highly relevant to my day-to-day tasks.

What was the best thing about your apprenticeship?

The best part of my apprenticeship was the opportunity to learn while on the job. I thrive in environments where I can apply new knowledge directly, and the apprenticeship provided a great balance of theory and practical application. Being able to immediately use what I learned in my daily work not only strengthened my understanding but also helped me perform well in my role.

Do you have any advice for other apprentices?

My advice for other apprentices is to seek out ways to use the best practices from your course into your work routine. Focus on how these can help you become more organised, efficient, or find more enjoyment in your role. It’s also important to reflect on what you’ve learned and how you’ve developed to help become stronger at work.

What is your favourite thing about working at Miller?

Miller is really good at giving apprentices the opportunity to learn and then allowing you the time to put your new skills into practice. I think that makes a huge difference in your development as an apprentice especially when this is paired with working in a supportive team like the one I’m fortunate enough to work in. It gives you a huge confidence boost to step outside of your comfort zone.
I also like how varied my role can be. It can be anything from co-ordinating attachments for Miller’s exhibitions, to assisting with processing and helping fulfil large customer orders. Its great how much trust Miller puts into its apprentices allowing us to thrive in a supportive environment.

How have you been finding work since completing your apprenticeship?

Since completing my apprenticeship, my role has expanded to include new tasks and responsibilities which include aspects of production planning and managing stock. To help me adjust to my new role, a structured schedule was put in place to introduce these new duties gradually after the completion of my End-Point Assessment (EPA). This approach has helped me to adapt into my role quickly, allowing me to continue growing professionally and I’m looking forward to seeing what my future is like at Miller.

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